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Air Purifier and Steriliser ** VIRUSKILLER**VK401
This is the perfect air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms. Combining pre filter , HEPA filter, activated Carbon filters and the reactor cell of 8 Powerful UVC lamps with ~30 TiO2 hexagon filter tubes makes it the ultimate solution for spaces up to 60m2 .

As many other HEPA air purifiers,the VK401 is a great solution for combatting particles such as dust,pollen
and dander.Unlike ordinary HEPA air purifiers,the VK401 is also super effcient at neutralising toxic gas,
VOCs, viruses & bacteria , mould & fungi....making it the best all-rounder in its class.

It is surface stood or wall mounted,uses little energy and had a quiet operation and unparalleled effciency.

The VK401 is compact and full of air cleaning technology ,delivering unparalleled results in its class.