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Critical environments where keeping rooms clean and sterile is a vital process

The VK Medi is a unique product. It also houses the thickest HEPA filter for ultimate sterilization, a powerful fan for optimum air circulation, and the highest certified air sterilization technology in the world for unparalleled test results against viruses, bacteria, toxic gases and VOC’s.

The VK Medi has been specially designed for medical installations such as Hospital Wards, Intensive Care Units, Critical Care Rooms, Quarantine or Containment Rooms.
So, the option to create positive pressure makes this unit ideal for complying with even the most stringent medical air quality regulations.

Combining pre filters, thick & large HEPA filters, activated carbon and reactor cell of 8 double length powerful UVC lamps with 70 Nano TiO2 hexagon filters makes it the ultimate solution for spaces up to 165m2(1776 ft2).