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QuAir20 Desktop Air Purifier
QuAir20 Desktop Air Purifier

Product Description
• HEPA-filter
• Activated carbon
• Ion generator
• Operation by touch panel
• Alternating display of temperature and humidity

• Room size: max. 8m² or 20m³
• Filter durability: max. 8 months (depending on operating time and environmental conditions)
• Fan speed: 2 level,
• Airflow: max. 20m³/h
• Noise level: depending on fan speed: approx. 35dB
• Power rating: depending on fan speed: approx. 3.5W
• Voltage supply: 5V DC (or 220V with power supply)
• Weight: approx. 0.8kg
• Dimensions: diameter approx. 115mm, height approx. 210mm